Live European Lobster(Homarus Gamarus)Uni.

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Lobster (H omarus gamarus) is a crustacean much appreciated in the high seas, with its blue carapace and large pincers, it is the king of deep, salty waters.

Its meat is tasty and delicate, and is a much appreciated delicacy in gastronomy, prepared in different ways, it is an exquisite dish for any occasion.

Deliveries throughout mainland Portugal, islands not available.

Orders placed before 2pm:

There are no deliveries on Public Holidays , deliveries being transferred to the next day in accordance with the table described above .

Deliveries on Saturday:

  • You need to call 261411111 (called national landline) to place your order and organize delivery.
  • We ship throughout mainland Portugal, except for the district of Real Village.
  • Mainland Portugal €25.99

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Luis Trincheiras

O marisco foi recebido todo em bom estado de frescura e vivo . Fiquei cliente . Até uma próxima encomenda. Obrigado. Luis Trincheiras.

Filipe Figueiredo

Lavagante Europeu Vivo(Homarus Gamarus)Uni.

Telmo Pedro
Do Melhor

Muito bem acondicionado ,muita qualidade , excelente , aconselho vou voltar a repetir de certeza..